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Seeking a nail fungus treatment that surpasses ANY treatment available? Confused about "single treatment" fallacies or "deals" offered elsewhere? Save time, money, and receive the very best treatment only with Laser Treatment Specialists.  


Unequalled experience in laser nail fungus treatment, since 2010 As the first in CO to specialize in laser nail fungus, we have performed more successful & safe treatments over a longer period than anyone.   


Claims backed by hundreds of "actual patient" photo sets

We have published some of our photos here, with many more available to view during our FREE consultation. 


Superior to alternative treatments in service, rates & results

Our unique, comprehensive, and highly refined treatment is easy to follow with proven results shared here by some of our clients.






Welcome to the very first,     non-interchagable, gold- standard specialty nail    fungus treatment.  

For a comprehensive overview of nail fungus, etiology, and treatment, click on the links below to read our on-line articles :



"An Overview of Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus) and New Laser Treatment Options" 


"Toenail Fungus: There's a fungus among us"


Laser Treatment Specialists was founded by Daniel Ashkar, CLS, a CO native with a masters degree from the University of Colorado and a graduate of Rocky Mountain Laser College. Daniel was the first CLS (Certified Laser Specialist) in CO to specialize in laser nail fungus treatment. He has over 22 years of combined experience and education in medical aesthetic laser treatment, biochemistry, microbiology, and pharmacology.    

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